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Cosmo Tech Welcomes Accenture Investment and Industry Expert Sam George to Board

Cosmo Tech Welcomes Accenture Investment and Industry Expert Sam George to Board

Simulation software vendor expands reach, brings cutting-edge decision-making technology to enterprise clients.

Cosmo Tech, the world’s leading developer of Simulation Digital Twin technology, has welcomed two new investments from global professional services company Accenture and Sam George, former Corporate Vice President at Microsoft. Mr. George has also joined the Cosmo Tech Board.

In an era where uncertainty reigns and where organizations seek resilience in the face of global shocks, Accenture and Cosmo Tech’s collaboration is built on a common vision on the best way to ensure robust, proactive decision-making. The combination of Cosmo Tech’s advanced simulation technology and Accenture’s technology expertise and industry experience can unlock enormous value for enterprise organizations in today’s complex world.

Cosmo Tech helps corporations in the manufacturing, supply chain and energy sectors to address their most pressing asset, investment, and operational challenges. With partners that include Microsoft and SAS, Cosmo Tech already counts Europe’s largest electricity transmission network, the cable and optical fiber leader and some of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive and computer products among its clients. The simulation twin specialist is now delivering value worldwide and can deploy its solutions rapidly to clients globally, adding value in a reduced timeframe.

Recently retired after a 25-year career at Microsoft, most notably as Corporate Vice President leading the Azure IoT division, Mr. George joins the Cosmo Tech board, bringing deep knowledge of the complex corporate challenges that the world’s largest organizations face and the ways that Simulation Digital Twins can address those challenges. His insights into cloud technology, digital twins, simulation and data analytics and his extensive professional network are unique assets that Cosmo Tech will leverage as it continues its growth.

Hugues de Bantel, Co-Founder and CEO of Cosmo Tech, explained, “We are thrilled to welcome Accenture and Sam George as investors in Cosmo Tech, and to welcome Sam to our Board, too. Their vote of confidence in Cosmo Tech and our game-changing simulation twin technology will help us to create outstanding value for organizations across multiple industries as they seek profitability, productivity, and sustainability in an uncertain time.”

Michel Morvan, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech, added, “Investments from Accenture and Sam George in our technology are further proof that the future of industrial decision-making is simulation. We look forward to drawing on Accenture’s global footprint and Sam’s deep expertise to deliver our advanced simulation technology and capabilities to enterprise the world’s most complex organizations.”

“Accenture and Cosmo Tech’s partnership is built on a common vision of enterprise reinvention by using data and technology to create new ways to engage with customers and build new opportunities for growth,” said Tom Lounibos, Managing Director, Accenture Ventures. “Accenture’s reach and capabilities will extend Cosmo Tech’s digital twin simulation technology to our clients across the world, helping them to optimize planning and become more resilient.”

“I’ve worked with many companies in the simulation and digital twin space and there’s no one like Cosmo Tech,” added Sam George. “The world of business has grown so complex that decision-makers are swimming in a sea of uncertainty from the huge number of constraints and variables they have to consider. Decision-makers need help finding the few good choices from the millions of bad ones they could make – and simulation is the missing piece that provides that help. Simulation generates the outcome of millions of possible decisions so leaders can quickly find the best one with confidence. Cosmo Tech has already demonstrated this with large customers in very complex spaces and there’s really no one like them. I’m convinced that moving forward, companies that use simulation-assisted decision-making will have a huge competitive advantage over those that don’t.”

A European tech success story, Cosmo Tech announced its Series A fundraising round in 2014, a Series B fundraising round in 2018. The second phase of its Series C round, already joined by existing investors Inven Capital and Cemag Invest, is scheduled to close on March 31, 2023.

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Cosmo Tech designs Simulation Digital Twin software to solve the most complex industrial problems and lead enterprise decision making. This next-gen hybrid AI technology provides 360° simulation that predicts the evolution of an organization in uncertain environments to better understand the impact of decisions and to optimize all levels of enterprise planning. With this 360° view of the organization, decision makers can run unlimited scenarios to anticipate all possible futures even under conditions that have never occurred before. Leading companies from the manufacturing, automotive, energy, and transport sectors rely on Cosmo Tech scalable solutions to ensure a future that is robust, resilient, and sustainable.