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Cosmo Tech is proud to announce that its AI-Simulation technology has been featured in the latest report published by CRE (French Energy Regulatory Commission) evaluating the performance of energy network managers on the development of a smart electricity grid. 

As part of the European Union’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 and a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 1999 levels, the report highlights the significant role that new technologies play in achieving a greener future. 

The report specifically acknowledges Cosmo Tech practical applications and its contribution to reinforcing RTE’s “Corrosion Plan”. This plan plays a vital role in optimizing energy network connections as an essential aspect of achieving sustainability goals. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and simulation capabilities, energy companies like RTE can make informed decisions regarding infrastructure maintenance and corrosion prevention strategies. 

Access to reliable and high-quality network data is crucial for effectively optimizing connections within energy networks. With Cosmo Tech AI SImulation ability to simulate various scenarios accurately, RTE can better understand potential risks associated with corrosion while identifying optimal strategies for mitigation. 

The recognition of Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation technology  within the CRE report and the collaborative partnership with industry leaders such as RTE underscore the company’s commitment to driving innovation towards sustainable energy solutions. 

To gain further insights into the impact of AI Simulation and how it transformed RTE business practices, we refer to an interview conducted in 2021 with Serge Blumental, Responsible for the Asset Management program at RTE. The interview was conducted by Alliancy, a renowned digital and business online magazine. 

“Modeling is a comprehensive and difficult exercise”, said Mr. Blumental during his interview with Alliancy Magazine, “which requires us to ask questions that we have not necessarily asked ourselves in the past”. He further mentioned that beyond corrosion prevention projects like those recognized by CRE’s report, they are also exploring extending this technology to other asset management policies such as maintenance of metal-clad substations. 

Mr. Blumental highlighted their responsibility to ensure sustainable maintenance practices are implemented to prevent insulated gases used within substations from leaking out and contributing to an increased greenhouse effect. 

As we continue our research and development efforts alongside strategic collaborations with visionary partners such as RTE, we are confident in our ability to revolutionize the energy landscape and pave the way towards a more sustainable world. 

Cosmo Tech remains committed to pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions that contribute to a carbon neutral future.

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