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AI-Simulation Platform for Decision Intelligence

Predictive and prescriptive simulation to navigate the complexity
in enterprise decision making

Knowledge based AI for Decision Intelligence

AI Simulation is a next-generation technology that combines the power of artificial intelligence and simulation techniques. By simulating complex scenarios functions, this revolutionary approach empowers businesses to gain profound insights into the impact of their decisions at all levels of the organization. With AI Simulation, industry leaders can continuously optimize their strategies, mitigate risks, and drive success in uncertain and complex environments.

Ready to simulate?

Turn models into operational tools

From intuitive model creation to advanced experimentation capabilities, Cosmo Tech AI-Simulation platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services that drive innovation, while providing an end-to-end integrated experience and ensuring successful deployment and reusability of Simulation Twins at scale.

360° Holistic Simulation Twin

Virtual replica of complete dynamics, interconnections and interdependencies of your organization over time.

Simulation and optimization

Unique combination of simulation and goal-seeking AI to find the best action path out of thousands of possible scenarios.

Cloud AI-Simulation Orchestration

End-to-end AI-Simulation platform to address the issues of scale, complexity, security, replicability and integration.

Native advanced modeling capabilities

For development, integration and decision making
Flexibility  and customization

Flexibility and customization

Customize and adapt simulation models according to specific needs
Robust Modeling Capabilities

Robust Modeling Capabilities

Wide range of modeling techniques and tools for complex simulations
Scalability and performance

Scalability and performance

Smooth execution of large-scale simulations for reduced time-to-market

Ready-to-deploy simulation models

Industrial companies in manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, energy and utilities rely on our pre-packaged Simulation Twins solutions to make better decisions in a world of disruption and complexity.
Supply Chain management
Supply Chain management
Supply Chain Resilience Supply & Production Planning Supply Chain Flow Optimization
Asset <br>Management
Asset Investment Planning Asset Obsolescence Management Vulnerability Scan for Asset Operations
Create custom models
Create custom models
Easy refine existing generic models for Supply Chain and Asset Management or create new ones.
Modeling <br>Tools


Rapidly develop, test, customize, and operationalize Prescriptive Simulation Twins using tools built for data scientists, modelers, app developers, and data integrators.

Advanced experiments

Advanced experiments

Seamless integration between complex simulations and data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and operation research with sate-of-the art methods.


Your Enterprise Navigator for an uncertain world

Just like an in-vehicle GPS, the AI Simulation technology helps industry leaders to discover the best path out of millions of possible futures..

These combined predictive and prescriptive capabilities help large enterprise organizations anticipate what’s coming and confidently optimize operations, improve profitability, build resilience and sustainability.