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Cosmo Tech is Microsoft France’s 2022 Partner of the Year for Industry

Cosmo Tech is Microsoft France’s 2022 Partner of the Year for Industry

At the annual Microsoft Partner Day in Paris today, Cosmo Tech was honored as the 2022 Microsoft France Partner of the Year for Industry. One of ten annual prizes that Microsoft presents to its partners in France, the Partner of the Year for Industry award recognizes Cosmo Tech’s excellence in delivering its Pre-packaged Simulation Twin Solutions in collaboration with the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

“With Prescriptive Simulation Twins, industry decision makers understand the impact of their decisions, they can test operational strategies before implementing them. This is changing the way that operational and strategic decisions are being made by industrial organizations, allowing them to drive performance while ensuring resiliency,” said Cosmo Tech CEO and co-founder Hugues de Bantel.

“Our technology has long allowed industry leaders to compare scenarios and generate plans to achieve resilience and guarantee robustness in the face of an uncertain future,” added Cosmo Tech Executive Chairman and co-founder Michel Morvan. “This award recognizes the enormous impact that our technology is having for decision makers across the industrial landscape.”

Cosmo Tech’s AI-Simulation platform deployed together with Microsoft Azure provides a unified, comprehensive data model connected to the real world that predicts the evolution of complex organizations in manufacturing, supply chain, and asset intensive industries.

Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twin already helps create detailed, comprehensive digital models of physical environments communicating with IoT and Edge devices. Delivering insights from across the entire ecosystem, they break down silos within intelligent environments by fusing data from previously disparate devices and business systems, rapidly increasing the return on data. Cosmo Tech’s Prescriptive Simulation Twins and its holistic simulation layer makes the data collected truly actionable, modeling the dynamic change in an organization, detecting emerging behaviors, and predicting results even under conditions that have never occurred before.