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TenneT with Cosmo Tech Explores New Ways to Optimize Maintenance of Its Tower Network

TenneT with Cosmo Tech Explores New Ways to Optimize Maintenance of Its Tower Network

TenneT, the Dutch and German transmission system operator, is exploring new possibilities with Cosmo Tech, a global software provider of Simulation Digital Twins and specialist in asset management simulation, to optimize the maintenance policies and investment programs of its high-voltage network.

TenneT is a leading European grid operator, in the Netherlands and Germany, transporting electricity over a network of approximately 23,500 kilometers of high and extra-high voltage lines with a fleet of more than 12,000 towers in the Netherlands.

Optimizing the maintenance and life cycle of these assets, while minimizing costs and risks, is therefore an essential asset management strategy for TenneT. Mastering the complexity of this task is beyond the reach of traditional tools. It requires integrating, in a single tool, knowledge of the state of the tower life cycles, availability of dozens of different subcontractors, all in conjunction with the use of new technologies and the impact on the environment.

TenneT has explored Cosmo Tech Asset on a part of its grid, a digital twin simulation solution already proven in the asset-intensive utility industry.

+12% increase in the security of network supply with a constant workforce 

When modeling the asset management system, Cosmo Tech integrated all of the resources, processes, and other mission-critical factors into the digital twin to address TenneT’s challenges: from the tower life cycle, including corrosion development factors, all the way to work schedules, financial projections and the impact of planned service outages.  

“For TenneT, the Cosmo Tech Asset solution means we can run unlimited what-if scenarios for better efficiency of our maintenance and investment policies. We can test scenarios and optimize resource allocation, which in turn helps us to focus these valuable resources towards the goal of energy transition ” said Ranjan Bhuyan, Reliability Engineer at TenneT. 

By leveraging both predictive and prescriptive analytics and targeting the KPIs of asset management as a whole, the simulation software enables TenneT to find new ways to optimize maintenance and augment the robustness of its operational execution in face of unexpected equipment failures.

“The exploration with Cosmo Tech software shows good potential to allow us to confidently meet our network reliability challenges, taking into account the changes in our environment and the incorporation of future digitization into the business. The simulations showed us the potential of reduction of operational risks by 12%, keeping the same resource allocation” said Shima Mousavi Gargari, Asset Strategist at TenneT. 

“We are excited to provide TenneT with a unified view and a 360-degree simulator of the steel tower maintenance process. With our software, TenneT’s teams can better understand the current and future critical needs of their organization and thus can optimize security ensuring a continual supply of electricity to 42 million customers,” said Michel Morvan, executive chairman and co-founder of Cosmo Tech. 

The TSO industry in Europe is going through significant changes and grid modernization. Managing these changes will mean that asset management will significantly drive this transformation. ”Having recently worked alongside TenneT for the past year, and with major energy utility players for the past 10 years, we are convinced that the key to success in this context is a unified and forward-looking view of asset management.” said Hugues de Bantel, co-founder and CEO of Cosmo Tech.

About Cosmo Tech

Cosmo Tech designs Enterprise Digital Twin software that simulates operational strategies to solve the most complex industrial problems and lead enterprise decision making. This new class of software provides holistic and dynamic digital twin simulation that leverages both predictive and prescriptive analytics. Founded in 2010, Cosmo Tech is a global pioneer in the modeling of complex systems. Leading companies from the manufacturing, automotive, energy, and transport sectors rely on Cosmo Tech’s scalable solutions to better understand the impact of their decisions and ensure a future that is robust, resilient, and sustainable.


About TenneT

TenneT is a leading European grid operator (Transmission System Operator, TSO). We design, build, maintain and operate the high-voltage electricity grid in the Netherlands and large parts of Germany and facilitate the European energy market. We are committed to providing a secure and reliable supply of electricity, today and in the future, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and to playing our role in driving the energy transition. We transport electricity over a network of approximately 23,500 kilometres of high-voltage connections, from wherever and however it’s generated, to over 42 million end-users while keeping electricity supply and demand balanced at all times. With close to 5,000 employees, we achieve a turnover of 4.1 billion euros and a total asset value of EUR 23 billion. TenneT is one of the largest investors in national and international onshore and offshore electricity grids. TenneT makes every effort to meet the needs of society. This will require us all to take ownership, show courage and connect with each other.