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Michel Morvan shapes the future

Michel Morvan shapes the future

At a time when “rebuilding a strong, ecological, sovereign and solidarity-based economy” is “the first priority”, in the words of Emmanuel Macron on Sunday, all initiatives to boost the recovery are good to take. And Michel Morvan rallies for industry.

With these words Les Echos, France’s leading business newspaper, begins the passionate story of Michel Morvan, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Cosmo Tech.

This “apostle of interdisciplinarity” shares with Les Echos the strong academic and professional experience that inspired him and co-founder Hugues de Bantel to launch their ENS de Lyon university spin-off in 2010. A mathematician and expert in complex systems modeling, Michel Morvan is widely recognized as a leader in the field of complex simulations. He is an Eisenhower Fellow, has been appointed an Expert to the OECD’s Working Group on Artificial Intelligence, and is President of the Institute for Technological Research-SystemX, a collaborative research and development program which is focused on boosting the digital transformation of French industry.

Today Cosmo Tech offers a new class of software, Prescriptive Simulation Twins, which present industrial decision makers the opportunity to find answers to both ‘what-if’ and ‘how-to’ questions. This combination of predictive and prescriptive analytics empowers them to prepare for any complex operational scenario, including unforeseeable crises such as the recent COVID-19 disruptions.