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Cosmo Tech recalibrates its Simulation Digital Twins for Industrial Recovery and Resilience

Cosmo Tech recalibrates its Simulation Digital Twins for Industrial Recovery and Resilience

Lyon & Paris, 28 May 2020 – Cosmo Tech, a software vendor of Simulation Digital Twins, today releases a new version of its solution adapted to the challenges of industrial recovery and resilience.

This recovery period will prove decisive for industrial players given the profound impact of COVID-19 and the continuing uncertainty. Cosmo Tech’s technology responds to this unprecedented challenge and allows for planning all the steps to reopen production lines and strengthen the future resilience of an organization.

The Digital Twin: Key to Industrial Recovery and Resilience

In this pivotal period, controlling production costs and ensuring a return on investment (ROI) are crucial factors in securing a solid rebound for manufacturers. Today more than ever, Simulation Digital Twins built on Cosmo Tech’s technology offer key simulation and optimization capabilities to successfully restart production plants and restore profitability in the medium-to-long term. The need for a transformational tool has never been clearer, especially one that directly responds to the new challenges facing industrial players in the time of COVID-19: reinventing themselves as more robust and resilient, managing uncertainty, and obtaining a rapid ROI while still preserving cash flow.

At the forefront of Simulation Digital Twin technology, Cosmo Tech has unveiled its “Cosmo Tech Supply Chain Resilience Program” that has been specially developed to support manufacturers during this exceptional transition period.

For 10 years, industrial leaders in many sectors have trusted Cosmo Tech’s solutions. Leading companies in supply chain and manufacturing, including Renault, have adopted Cosmo Tech’s Simulation Digital Twins and today simulate the functioning of production lines, optimize their operational efficiency, and ensure the resilience of their action plans in the face of unforeseen events.

Drawing on this expertise, Cosmo Tech today releases a new solution for powering recovery and lifting the efficiency of production lines that:

  • adapts the gradual restart of activity through the creation of robust scenarios;
  • prepares business continuity plans and tests risk mitigation plans;
  • builds a resilient supply chain when designing an industrial network; and,
  • ensures a rapid ROI.

The earthquake caused by the health crisis is pushing the industrial sector to reinvent its digitalization with a 360° vision. They’re asking themselves, how can complex supply chains be made more robust and resilient in the face of uncertainty and extraordinary events?

Today, we are in a business context where Cosmo Tech’s digital twins and their simulation capabilities will play a key role. They enable us to navigate through uncertainty at a time when this has never been needed more. Combined with the technologies that major companies have invested in over the last few years, these digital twins offer a true “Return on Data”, i.e. a return on investment achieved by increasing resilience and reducing costs. Hugues de Bantel, CEO and co-founder of Cosmo Tech.

A Unique Simulation Technology, New Optimization Opportunities

Recovery and restart planning is complex and decision makers are faced with multiple factors that can impact production. 

Modeling complex systems is at the heart of Cosmo Tech’s technology. The simulation and optimization capabilities of its solutions are based on a dynamic model of the evolution of an industrial system with all its resources, assets, processes and constraints; this is the company’s Enterprise Digital Twin.

Cosmo Tech’s proprietary technology enables the testing of various action plans against each other by accurately simulating different production disruptions or interruptions.

Finally, decision-makers find in Cosmo Tech a simulation and optimization platform essential for:

  • evaluating the impacts of disruptions and interruptions on key indicators; 
  • identifying the most influential variables for increasing planning resilience; and,
  • obtaining the optimal and most robust plan of action.

Working only with past data limits the ability to predict scenarios that have never happened before. Cosmo Tech’s digital twin is the best technological response to the immense challenges of industry because it allows us to simulate possible options and determine an optimal course of action. Michel Morvan, Executive Chairman and co-founder of Cosmo Tech.

About Cosmo Tech

Founded in Lyon, France in 2010 by Hugues de Bantel and Michel Morvan, Cosmo Tech is a vendor of digital twin software for the simulation and optimization of strategic industrial operations.

This emerging category of software creates a virtual and dynamic replica of an organization and its operations, including its assets, constraints, and business processes.

With these solutions, decision makers virtually test the future impact of their decisions and identify their optimal action plan by running unlimited “what-if” scenarios and “how-to” optimizations. In this way, they commit to solid facts to ensure the soundness of their plans, define their strategies, and quickly increase the operational efficiency of their organization.

Fully industrialized and easy to use and implement, Cosmo Tech’s solutions are employed daily by industry leaders with immediately measurable benefits. Based on more than twenty years of academic research, Cosmo Tech’s simulation and optimization capabilities are founded on a proprietary modeling language as well as a unique methodology of augmented intelligence, leveraging the complementarity between artificial intelligence and human expertise.

Today, Cosmo Tech supports international companies such as Renault, RTE, Alstom, Nexans, and SNCF in their digital transformation.

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