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100 Thieves’ NiceWigg issues apology after ALGS Pro League drama

After finding himself in the center of a heated dispute about ALGS Pro League eligibility, Apex Legends streamer and 100 Thieves creator NiceWigg issued an apology for his part in the virtual scuffle.

The ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series), Apex Legends’ professional circuit, returned for its second year of competition with a new name, format, and various other changes to their 2021 rulebook.

Plenty of new teams have stepped up to compete in the Pro League during its second year, like content creators Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin, Anthony ‘Apryze’ Andrade, and Timmy ‘iiTzTimmy’ An, who joined forces to compete.

While the trio got off to a hot start, they later decided to put a pause on their ALGS competition. Then, after battling to reclaim their spot in the Pro League, NiceWigg found himself in the center of a heated debate around the team’s eligibility for which he later apologized.

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Twitter: 100 Thieves / NiceWigg

Martin is a dedicated Apex Legends creator for 100 Thieves.

On December 4, NiceWigg found himself in the center of a debate around his team’s eligibility to return and compete in the ALGS after their absence.

Martin originally claimed that his team had been suspended, but Chris Pipher, Senior Manager of ALGS Operations at EA, reached out to clarify the situation: “You weren’t suspended. Your team was disbanded, just like every other team that has skipped a match in the Pro League.”

After Pipher’s clarification, NiceWigg shared apologies on both Twitter and the Competitive Apex Legends subreddit.

“I should have looked up the rules and knew more about them,” he shared in his Reddit post. “I will take the blame for false claims in my tweets. I felt the rules were unfair and wanted to shed light on that, but I was wrong.”

Martin also explained how difficult the decision to step back from the ALGS Pro League has been for him: “It really killed me to miss the ALGS, but family comes first.”

“It’s all love on my end and I just want to move forward,” his statement ended. “I will continue to take accountability when I f**k up.”

NiceWigg’s apologies received plenty of support from the community. “I have a ton of respect for someone who can realize they were in the wrong, own up to it, and move forward,” one player on the comp subreddit replied.

On Twitter, fellow content creator Jordan Fisher (who frequently partners up with NiceWigg to play Apex), shared his support as well.

Martin, who joined esports org 100 Thieves earlier this year as their first dedicated Apex Legends creator, seems to still have a strong desire to continue competing in the ALGS Pro League — and fans shouldn’t be surprised to see him return in the future.

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