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14 Bodies Found Wrapped in Blankets on Mexico Highway

What Happened?

Mexican authorities found this Friday, June 26, 14 dead bodies on a highway in the state of Zacatecas, where organized crime gangs operate, the regional government reported.

Wrapped in blankets, the bodies were located at dawn on a road that runs through the municipality of Fresnillo, after reports from motorists.

What Did the Authorities Say?

“The state attorney’s office has confirmed that there are 14 bodies located this morning,” said a Zacatecas government statement.

In local media images, the bodies are seen on the side of the road, covered with blankets secured with adhesive tapes.

The Zacatecas prosecutor, Francisco Murillo, explained in a message to the press that four of the victims have been identified, all men originating from the municipality of Juan Aldama, about 150 km north of Fresnillo.

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“They are people who in recent days disappeared from that region,” Murillo said, noting that databases of people reported missing in the area are consulted.

Zacatecas is on the main drug trafficking routes to the United States and, according to experts, the territory is disputed by at least three local criminal groups that would have links with the Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generación cartels, the most powerful in Mexico.

Other Attacks

Last Wednesday, as part of the disputes over control of the Sinaloa cartel, a confrontation between rival groups left 16 dead in a rural community in that state in northwestern Mexico.

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This Friday, Mexico City’s security secretary, Omar García Harfuch, survived an attack with heavy-caliber weapons, in which two of his bodyguards and a woman who was traveling in the car died.

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