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7 out of 10 investors prefer cryptocurrencies over gold

The Russian Forex Traders Association (AFD) surveyed 503 investors.

Cryptocurrencies begin to gain more and more investors around the world. Thanks to its decentralization, its low barriers to entry and its constant growth in terms of quotation, it is gaining ground on traditional markets around the world. In Russia, particularly, more than 7 out of 10 investors prefer digital assets over gold.
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The Russian Forex Traders Association ( AFD ) surveyed more than 500 Russian investors to find out their preferences when putting together a financial strategy ; 77% recognized that they perceive cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin ( BTC ), ether ( ETH ) or litecoin ( LTC ) as the most attractive investments .

Gold, the quintessential safe haven asset and “media enemy” of BTC, only garnered the support of 8.8% of investors, even below those who defended fiat currencies (14%).
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The survey carried out last month in the European giant showed that only 23% of investors have not yet invested in cryptocurrencies, although almost 80% plan to do so in the short term. On the other hand, 15% were “undecided” and an imperceptible 7% assured that they would not get involved in the ecosystem.

AFDEvgeny Masharov, AFD director, highlighted the change in sentiment of Russian investors over time, thanks to the global adoption of digital assets and their growth in terms of price and capitalization. What a few years ago was considered an “exaggerated” product, today stands out as an investment option present in retail and corporate strategies.

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