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A baby infected with the corona virus was born in Russia

A baby was born infected with a coronavirus in North Ossetia, in the Russian Caucasus, local health authorities reported on Sunday.

“A pregnant woman had been infected with coronavirus, and her baby was born infected,” a spokesman for the regional health ministry told the official Russian news agency TASS.

“They are currently at home, their situation is satisfactory,” he added.

In mid-April, a baby infected with covid-19 had already been born in Peru, so the country’s health authorities said it was the “second case” of this nature in the world.

In the case of North Ossetia, the contaminated baby was born in the central hospital in Besl├ín, where 17 of 35 pregnant women hospitalized awaiting delivery are infected with covid-19, said the establishment’s maternity director, Hasan Tagaiev.

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