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A Deceased Man and an Injured Woman Found After an Accident in Pedro Aguirre Cerda

What Happened?

A deceased man and an injured woman were found, after having lost control of the car in which they were traveling through the highway 5 South highway at the height of Departmental Avenue in the Pedro Aguirre Cerda district.

The vehicle travels south when it is investigated for some reasons, it loses control and collides at high speed with the sidewalk security bars, passing a pole of public lighting and overturning on the spot.

As reported by Captain Luis Fuentes, round officer of the Rinconada de Carabineros Prefecture, the man who drove the car died at the scene, while the woman who accompanied him resulted in “minor to less serious” injuries.

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The woman was transferred to the former Central Post, to verify the severity of her injuries and corroborate if they had the corresponding safeguards for having been circulating during the curfew imposed by the coronavirus. The woman stated that they were heading to her home.

According to the first inspection, the presence of liquor bottles in the vehicle or the presence of alcohol in the driver was also ruled out, an issue that must be corroborated in subsequent proceedings.

Carabineros now works to clarify the causes of the accident.

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