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A minor donated more than 7 million yen to a streamer from his parents’ card

The publishing division of the Japanese television NHK published an article pointing out that the trend of “give money”To the protagonists of a live broadcast has increased considerably due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that there have been multiple complaints regarding excessive spending by minors. The article highlights the case of a high school student who donated more than 7 million yen (more than $ 61,000) from his parents’ credit card.

«The number of users of so-called “give money” services, in which people who star in online broadcasts receive money from viewers in real time through an application, is increasing and the market is expected to reach 50 thousand million yen (over $ 438.5 million). Since the beginning of this year, Consumer Service Centers across Japan have received more than 100 cases of overspending, including one in which a high school student spent 7 million yen (more than $ 61,000).».

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«“Give money (throw money)” is now a service in which “live artists” from various fields, such as music, video games and the food and drink industry, broadcast their performances live, and the people who They see them on their smartphones or other devices and give them money in the form of tips. When a donation is made through the app, an animation appears on the live stream screen, and the service operator and the person streaming the revenue share the revenue.».

«As the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced opportunities to go outside, the number of fans and users of live broadcasts has increased rapidly, and there have been many events in which you compete to win the biggest amount of money. The NHK has interviewed 47 Customer Service Centers across the country and found that at least 102 cases of overspending have occurred since the beginning of this year, 21 more than last year.».

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«Forty-seven of these cases involved minors, including one in which a high school student used his parents’ credit card without permission and spent 7 million yen. According to a market research and analysis company, the market for live broadcasts is estimated at more than 50 billion yen, and while streamers are assured of a semi-stable income despite the COVID-19 pandemic, apparently it is necessary for the sector to establish measures for this business. “If a minor uses his parents’ credit card, it is likely that the bank considers that their parents have given their consent and the possibility of reimbursement is denied. If you let your child use his smartphone, it is important to make sure that his credit card information is not registered on it, ”mentioned a source».

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