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A new Tenchu? Could be possible for PlayStation 5

UPDATE: Acquire wants to make a new stealth game with ninjas, not necessarily Tenchu


Famitsu has already published his full interview with Takuma Endo, president of Acquire. Initially it was claimed that the manager talked about a possible new Tenchu game for PlayStation 5. However, the original report had some translation inaccuracies.

Now Gematsu clarified that Endo is interested in making a new ninja game with stealth elements, but not necessarily one from the Tenchu saga. The manager stated that he would like to see the project in the PlayStation 5 generation.

“It would be difficult to do it right now …. But, if the possibility arises, I would like to make a stealth game with ninjas from scratch for the PlayStation 5 generation. To lay the groundwork, we have acquired this brand [Stealth Assassin], which It is the subtitle of the game abroad”,Endo stated.

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Thus, the statements of the president of Acquire do not signify or guarantee the return of Tenchu in the long or short term.

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