Actors of famous 90s movies past and future

Before the Internet age, the idols of young people were not the stars of Instagram, but the actors and actresses who had stood out for their brilliant roles in movies and series. Today we are still willing to watch movies like “The Perfect Killer”, “Beethoven”, “My Poor Little Angel”, “Ghostbusters”, and many others. But what do the actors who played those cult roles do and what are they like now?

We decided to answer this question and find out how the fate and careers of the actors we fell in love with at that time developed.

1. Alisan Porter

Cómo cambiaron los actores de las películas de los 90 que mirábamos hasta gastar las pantallas

Who does not know the movie “Little rogue”, did not grow up in the 90s. Alisan played the role of the charming girl when she was 10 years old. But that was not her first role in a movie; by that time the girl had already participated in several movies and series. However, after her starring role, Porter disappeared from the big screen, starring in only a few episodic roles: the girl fell in love with the school theater and decided that she did not want to act in the cinema but on stage.

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But it was another passion of the girl that turned out to be much more important than the theatrical stage. Thus, in 2016, Alisan caused a sensation on the American program “The Voice”, ended up in Christina Aguilera’s team and became the winner of the season. Porter had been in music for a long time: she had her own band, and she wrote her songs herself. This is how little Sue eventually became a real star. Now, Alisan continues to advance in her music career, she is married with two children.

2. Kelly McGillis

Cómo cambiaron los actores de las películas de los 90 que mirábamos hasta gastar las pantallas

The true star of the romantic comedies and melodramas of the 90s fell in love with the public with his roles in films such as “Tune of Love”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “You have an e-mail”, “Addicted to love”, “Kate and Leopoldo” and others. Her career was going uphill, but in the 2000s something began to go wrong: the films in which Meg participated received low ratings, and her classic image of “the girl next door” was quickly taken over by other young actresses.

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Now, Meg attends social events from time to time, and also participates in some projects; for example, she did the voiceover of one of the characters in the cartoon “Intense-Mind.”

3. Christopher Castile

Cómo cambiaron los actores de las películas de los 90 que mirábamos hasta gastar las pantallas

Do you remember this kid from the movie “Beethoven”? After the completion of filming, Castile appeared in a few more films, but decided not to link her life with cinema in the future. Christopher received his master’s degree from Biola University in California and currently works as a history teacher. When interviewed by The Downey Legend, Castile said that working as an actor was much more exhausting than working as a teacher. He likes to teach and see the faces of his students every day. As they say, each with his own, and it is great that Christopher has managed to find an occupation to his liking.

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4. Nicholle Tom

Cómo cambiaron los actores de las películas de los 90 que mirábamos hasta gastar las pantallas

Nicholle became famous thanks to her participation in series like “The Nanny” and “Beverly Hills, 90210”, but the audience especially loved her for her role as Ryce Newton in the movie “Beethoven.” Unlike her colleague, Nicholle did not abandon her acting career, and continued to appear in series and movies, although in recent years she has done little work. Now Nicole is 40 years old and she looks beautiful. Judging by her Instagram profile, the woman, like her “Beethoven” character, really loves dogs: she has a charming poodle, whose photos she regularly shares on her page.

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