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Adult actress Rena Momozono couldn’t keep her job a secret for a month

The Japanese portal of TOKYO TV published an interview with the adult film actress Rena momozono (桃園 怜 奈), which went viral because the renowned artist revealed her beginnings in the industry and her failed attempt to keep it a secret.

«On Thursday, December 2, the sexy actress who debuted in adult videos while still a student at a prestigious university, and who was quickly identified on social networks, will reveal the whole story! The sexy actress Rena Momozono made her debut in adult films in 2015, at the age of 19, when she was then a university student. Her idol appearance and I cup natural breasts made her popular, but within a month of her debut, she identified her private life as a student at a prestigious university, and she temporarily retired from acting in 2016 after releasing only three films.».

«Momozono has always wanted to be a gravure-idol (magazine model) because of her confidence in her style, and an acquaintance introduced her to an agency. He traveled from Osaka to the Tokyo office and was told the only thing there was pornography, but he said, “Oh well,” and agreed.
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With a curious mind and a love for sex, she decided to appear in the adult film industry on a three-movie deal.
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He cried when he had to shoot his first movie, but when he made the third, he was already enjoying it.
However, a month after their debut, something unexpected happened.

«A month after my debut in adult cinema, all my university knew about it“. There is a group of enthusiasts in the adult film industry called the “specific team” that tries to identify the past of the new sexy actresses and discover their private lives. They identified Momozono’s private life from photos he posted on social media before his debut. They found out she was an elite student at a prestigious university».

Rena momozono

«After she was discovered, she was pointed out on campus, people came to look at her face, they sent nude photos of her to their friends… She was very curious. Momozono says that his parents are the only ones who do not know, but the hosts of the interview assure that by now they should know. Still, Momozono says her parents still know her as a “clerk”».

«After retiring from porn after appearing in three originally contracted films, Momozono continued to attend college with a spirit of steel and successfully graduated. She gets a job at a prestigious company with national ads, but due to the tremendous power of social media, she is called by the head of the human resources department within a month or two of joining the company to question the veracity of the rumors. He says he kept his mouth shut about his stint in the porn industry when asked, but the reaction from the people he worked with was overwhelming. Bosses often sent her emails asking her to come out for a drink, but Momozono said she refused, saying, “I am not a prostitute.” Currently Momozono has returned to the industry and has released a wide variety of feature films to date».

Rena momozono

Source: TOKYO TV

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