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Akari Kitou starred in an ASMR recording of the Nekogurashi series

The Japanese record producer ASMR, CANDY VOICE, announced the release of a recording titled “Shin Nekogurashi – Meijyuun Nekomusume-hen“Starring the voice actress Akari Kitou (Nezuko Kamado in Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tsukaza Yuzaki in Tonikaku Kawaii, Nene Yashiro in Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun). The recording is available through the digital platform DLsite at a price of 1,584 yen (about 14 US dollars).

The platform lists that the product remains in the first position in sales in the last seven days, despite having been launched on November 15. It has a total duration of 122 minutes (two hours and two minutes), distributed in nine tracks. The press release included a special illustration and description of the inscribed story, which he wrote:

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«[Sonidos principales en esta grabación ASMR: limpieza de oídos, masaje en los oídos, sonido de hierba, masaje con aceite, masaje de hombros, masaje de cabeza, sonidos de cascabeles y aliento de gato]. It is a new sound work that combines a plot with the best sounds created by a talented team of sound effects and ASMR sounds in the natural mountains».

Keep going: “One day, the protagonist (the listener) wakes up in another world and is chosen to be a Marebito who receives various attentions in the mysterious Nekomei-kan and participates in the “Festival of the Nine Souls” … Throughout the three seasons , the protagonist meets many cat girls, including Mikeco, and little by little he approaches the heart of the “Festival of the Nine Spirits” and the “Nekomei-kan” … The story takes place in the distant future of the third season, in Nekomei-kan after the Nine Spirits Festival».

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Source: Otakomu | Nekogurashi


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