All the emojis coming to Android and iOS this year

Taking advantage of Emoji Day, the Unicode Consortium shows the emojis that we will have for both systems.

The Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization, is in charge of standardizing letters and characters on computers following the Unicode system, and each year approves 60 proposals that companies like Google are then in charge of designing for their operating systems. The Unicode Consortium also ensures that all devices can see the icons that they send to each other.

As we told you this morning, today is World Emoji Day or Emoji’s World Day. And also a special one, because these emoticons that have replaced words are no less than a quarter of a century old, 25 years since their creation in a distant year 1995. And therefore, nothing better than to take advantage of today to teach the new emojis that we will see on Android and iOS before the end of 2020.

117 new emojis for Android

Google has shown the set of 117 new emojis that will arrive this year on Android phones, and that includes 65 new emoji along with 55 skin tones and gender variants, such as ‘person in a tuxedo’ or ‘two people hugging’. ‘Emoji 13.0’ will include 62 new emojis, plus 55 skin tones and gender variants.

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All these novelties will be available on Android devices at the end of 2020 with the launch of Android 11. We will also have a ninja emoji, a more realistic heart and lung, or the classic gesture with the fingers of one hand for you to poke and look -en actually an Italian gesture.
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There will also be new animals like a black cat, a panda bear, insects like a worm, a cockroach or a fly, and even extinct animals like the Dodo. Not only have new emojis been added, but some have been redesigned “to make them look good in dark mode for texting late at night.”

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14 new emojis for iOS

  • Today is the first time that Apple has shown the following new emojis for 2020, which will arrive sometime next fall on iOS, iPadOS and macOS. And they are these:
  • Dodo.
  • Nesting Dolls.
  • Piñata.
  • Tamale.
  • Pinched Fingers.
  • Boomerang.
  • Ninja.
  • Coin.
  • Anatomical Heart.
  • Beaver.
  • Transgender Symbol.
  • Bubble tea.
  • Lungs.

Emojis approved and coming to iOS this year (but not released today) include Smiley Face with Tears, Face in Disguise, and People Hugging. Of those that have been seen, one of the most relevant is the emoji for the lungs, which comes along with an anatomical heart. And one of the most discussed and approved new emojis this year is the so-called ‘Italian Hand’ gesture (current name: Pinched Fingers).

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No Coronavirus emojis

Given that new emoji proposals take up to two years to hit phones, we’re not likely to see any Covid-specific emojis on phones this year. Although when it comes to talking about the Coronavirus, without a doubt the new ninja emoji will be one of the most popular choices since it comes with a covered face as if it were wearing a mask. This emoji was approved before the global pandemic we are experiencing.

The list of new emojis will also include the transgender symbol, the tamale food, a boomerang, a coin, a dodo, a beaver, and even a matrioshka. And Apple will also release memojis, the avatars that users can create to look like themselves, with different colored face masks.

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