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Among Us: imagine skins from The Mandalorian

A collaboration between InnerSloth and Disney we'd like to see

Among Us is the game of the moment, managing to be one of the most popular games in history in terms of monthly users. For this reason, we like to imagine that sooner or later we will see him collaborate with some of the most important brands and franchises in the world. In fact, one fan thinks like us and went to work creating The Mandalorian skins for Among Us.

Skins for Among Us that make us dream of a collaboration with Star Wars

Hitmate, a user of sites like reddit and YouTube, posted a series of custom skins for Among Us. These are outfits based on different characters from The Mandalorian, thus making the game of suspicions and betrayals have a bit of a Star Wars flavor.

It is a collection of designs that we found to be very successful. First, because it manages to capture the spirit and essence of each of the characters it seeks to represent. The other is that it retains the style of the Among Us outfits, without overcomplicating them.

Among The Mandalorian characters that were transformed into Among Us skins are Ax Woves; Boba Fett; Ahsoka Tano, Koaska Reeves; Bo Katan; Scout Trooper; Paz Vizla; Cara Dune; Kuill; and, of course, Din Djarin. They also envisioned a Grogu skin, but we see him more as a pet.


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