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Another western site claims that manga and anime ‘drive the abuse of minors’

The portal Vice published an article that went viral on social networks internationally, especially because of the alarmist nature that he included when writing the situation of the “Latent abuse of minors fueled by manga and anime” in Japan. The article was written by Hanako Montgomery, who previously came out in favor of the controversy against the Virtual YouTuber who collaborated with the Chiba Police Department.

«The manga includes young women involved in situations of a sexual nature, often with exaggeratedly large body parts but with facial expressions reminiscent of minors. A large number of countries have banned this type of content, considering that this represents exploitation of minors even if it is somewhat fictitious. But in Japan, the cradle of the manga industry, including that of a pornographic nature, requests to regulate this content are not heard.“Write the introduction to the article.

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Japanese Twitter user @rayforcegame, which usually covers controversies regarding the industry, pointed out that the article itself contradicts itself by trying to convince the reader that “the manga is guilty of inciting readers to abuse minors. The quoted fragment writes: «In addition to this concern, creators often point to the lack of conclusive evidence linking abuse of minors in manga to an increase in cases of abuse of minors in the real world. In 2002, while the US Supreme Court recognized the possibility that these virtual images could lead to an increase in abuse, it said there was no evidence to suggest a causal relationship.».

The same article talks about “anecdotal evidence“Which is based more on assumptions and”anecdotes”Without evidence, not even photographic. In fact, it mentions the case of the “Otaku killer“Tsutomu Miyazaki, who abused and murdered four underage girls over a period of approximately one year, between August 1988 and June 1989, this man is said to have consumed manga with this theme.

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Continuing with the misfortune of the article published by Vice, journalist Tohru Kimura confessed in 2005 in an article published by the Yomiuri shimbun, that all the murderer’s backgroundthe murders did actually happen) was plotted by the press so that the case would gain more popularity on television. In that article it was revealed that the killer’s room had a variety of magazines in its room, but reporters focused on the only manga magazine that was there. The exact fragment wrote:

«In one corner of the room was a stack of dozens of magazines. I checked what kind of magazines they were, of course. Most were “GORO” and “Scole”, quite normal for a man in his twenties. In it, one of the manga was called “Wakaokusama no Namashitagi.” It translates directly as “Underwear of the young wife.” A commercial television camera crew pulled it out, placed it on top of a stack of magazines, and snapped a photo. This created the false image that all those stacks of magazines, and even most of the VHS, were of that type. Well, considering the crimes he’s committed, it might as well be misunderstood so much, but it still wasn’t true.».

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