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Antibody-related discovery is hope against Covid-19

Based on the SARS antibody research, scientists have identified one that blocks Covid-19

Based on research on the coronavirus SARS, scientists at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and the Erasmus Medical Center and Harbor company BioMed ( HBM ), identified a potential method to neutralize the Covid -19, reports the Sky News this Monday. The results of this investigation can be consulted in a study published in the journal Nature Communications.

The researchers found that an antibody that prevents the SARS virus from infecting human cells can also prevent the new coronavirus from doing the same. The discovery can be a big step towards treating or preventing the disease.

The neutralizing antibody “has the potential to change the direction of infection in the infected host, help eliminate the virus or protect an uninfected individual from being exposed to the virus,” said Berend- Jan Bosch, one of the study’s authors, cited by Sky News. Frank Grosveld, another study author, adds that the finding provided “a solid basis for further research”.

“The antibody used in this work is ‘fully human’, allowing development to proceed more quickly and reducing side effects related to the immune system,” they say. The fully human antibody is different from conventional therapeutic antibodies, which are generally developed in other species before being ‘humanized’.


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