Apple Mail failure may have compromised iPhones and iPads

Apple may already have an update ready to correct the situation.

A security breach in Apple’s email service, Apple Mail, may have left iPhones and iPads compromised and susceptible to hacker attacks, says The Wall Street Journal.

The information was released by a computer security company called ZecOps, which claims that the flaw is “virtually undetectable ” and can be used to infect devices with malicious software.

The investigators responsible did not explain how the attack is carried out, indicating only that it is related to the sending of a specific image. It is also known that the fault has existed for some time, with evidence that there are those who have taken advantage of it for at least two years.

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Apple is believed to be working on an update that corrects the problem, possibly in the latest iOS beta, 13.4.5. Cupertino’s technology has yet to comment on the situation.

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