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Are You a Bicycle Fan? You Will Like to Know About These New GPS Devices

The Edge® 130 Plus and 1030 Plus are “designed by and for cyclists” and include “state-of-the-art navigation, detailed performance information and safety and location features”.

Garmin makes known, in a statement sent to Notícias ao Minuto, “its new bicycle computers, the Edge® 130 plus and Edge® 1030 plus”.

Both equipments were created with the objective of “providing very complete and useful information for cyclists, whatever their level”. In common they have “several characteristics” that aim “to offer an intuitive navigation, as well as metrics of great importance and key information for cyclists”.

The Edge® 130 Plus “features a compact button design and a clear, easy-to-read 1.8-inch monochrome display”, says Garmin that this new version of the device “combines navigation, cycling and performance features specifically developed to make it the perfect companion for competition and day-to-day training”.

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The Edge® 1030 Plus, with a color screen, “3.5 inch touch”, guarantees a response “very quickly and is sensitive to use with gloves and also when it is wet”. Garmin describes that “its capacity and design represent a new advance in terms of tracking, specific navigation for cycling, safety and connectivity functions”.

It should be noted that both “cycling computers” show essential data “such as distance, speed, height and location where you travel”, in addition to allowing “synchronization with previously designed training, record physiological data and offer information during the course to improve the yield”.

As for prices, the Edge® 1030 Plus is available from 599.99 euros (VAT included) and the Edge® 130 Plus from 199.99 euros (VAT included). Now the choice is yours!

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