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ASMR anime, 180 Byou by Kimi no Mimi wo Shiawase ni Dekiru ka ?, opens a campaign for its Blu-ray / DVD

The production team of the original ASMR-themed anime, 180 Byou from Kimi no Mimi wo Shiawase ni Dekiru ka? (Can I Make Your Ears Happy in 180 Seconds?), has inaugurated a fundraising campaign to enable the project’s Blu-ray / DVD releases. The campaign will continue until January 31, 2022 at 11:59 a.m. (Japan Time).

The Blu-ray / DVD package is scheduled to ship to backers on March 18, 2022. Donors paying at least 9,000 yen (about 80 US dollars) will receive the Blu-ray / DVD, regardless of the amount of money raised by the campaign. Other rewards donors can earn include a title song CD, four F6-size (105 x 165mm) wallpapers, and branded headphones. COTSUBU for the ASMR. All funds will go towards production and manufacturing costs. The campaign claims that there is a possibility that some donor rewards will change due to unavoidable circumstances.

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