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Astralis enter Fortnite with Th0masHD signing

Danish esports organization Astralis have entered popular battle royale title Fortnite with the signing of Thomas ‘Th0masHD’ Høxbro.

Known especially for their Danish roster in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Astralis have entered Fortnite by signing a local Danish professional player known as Th0masHD.

While they’ve recently made moves to expand into North America — namely by entering the U.S. stock market and acquiring NA Rainbow Six Siege team Disrupt — this makes it clear that they’re still committed to their home market, where they unveiled their own esports center, located in Copenhagen, not too long ago.

Astralis’ first-ever Fortnite pro will debut in his blue-and-red jersey this weekend, playing in the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Grand Royale. As a whole, the event has a total prize purse of $5m.

While Th0masHD is a popular figure in Fortnite, boasting almost 215k followers on Twitter alone, he’s only seen limited success in the title to date. His best result to date is winning a European qualifier for the FNCS Grand Royale, in which he played alongside Aleksa ‘Queasy’ Cvetkovic and Guild player Anas ‘Anas’ El-Abd earlier in November 2021.

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The well-known Danish org now compete in five esports titles, fielding competitors in CS:GO, European League of Legends competition LEC, Rainbow Six Siege, football game FIFA, and, of course, Fortnite.

“For Astralis, it is about the fact that the game has now shown durability and development that makes us now see it on par with, or greater than, many of the traditional esports genres,” said Astralis co-founder Jakob Lund Kristensen. “In the target group under the age of 18, Fortnite is, without comparison, the biggest game.

“We want to be in game titles that engage many fans, where we can contribute further with everything we can in the form of digital and physical actions. That’s why Th0masHD is perfect for us – he’s a big international name, he’s insanely talented, and with his games and persona, he reaches a vast number of gamers and fans worldwide.”

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