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Avalanche of divorces in times of quarantine: Know the reasons

An increase in divorce filings is blurring the logic of a “baby boom” pushed by the days of confinement. Apparently, quarantine is not a second “honeymoon” for many couples. At least this is happening in China, where “normality” comes with many separations.

Lan Zi, a divorce counselor who works at a marriage registration office in Shenzhen city, says she is overwhelmed by the increasing number of couples seeking her services.

“Couples have to make reservations a month in advance before they can divorce,” Lan told Sixth Tone.

“Isolation at home can lead to many family conflicts, ” says Lan, who has tried to reverse this trend by counseling multiple couples and inviting them to give themselves another chance.

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“Many little common things can cause divisions, and the pandemic has been the straw that broke the glass to break marriages,” adds Li Hua, a psychologist based in Zibo, Shandong province.

Living together is not easy, especially when couples are used to long hours at work or even living in other cities. This is the case of Zheng Rugun, whose husband spent a good part of the year working in another city since they were married in 2017.

The quarantine took them in the same house and the daily routine separated them. “Throw dirty clothes and smelly stockings all over the house; play video games on your phone all day; And when I share my concerns about the virus with him, he makes fun of me for making a scandal, “Zheng told Sixth Tone.

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After a few weeks, Zheng couldn’t take it anymore and told her husband that she wanted to separate. “Since I already discovered these problems, I can’t bear them, why waste my time?” Said the 27-year-old.

Meanwhile, the pandemic continues to record divorces, and not only in China but in Spain and even in Turkey, where they have been surprised with the latest records.

Lawyer Engin Kara told Daily Sabah that there has been ” a marked increase ” in divorce applications since the initiation of confinement for the coronavirus.

“The number of people who call our office to file for divorce increased four times compared to January, ” he said.

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Alfredo Rodríguez, full professor of Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), believes that it is difficult to predict what will happen to couples in an unprecedented situation such as the pandemic, but there are signs that can set a trend.

“We will see an increase in divorces as a result of the stress of being confined to our spouses for so long. At least the data provided by China indicates this, “he said.

In addition to the shock these couples experience due to daily habits, the economic issue also takes its toll.

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