Awesome Facts From Disney Castles Around The World

Have you ever wondered how Disney keeps millions of travelers coming back to its parks again and again?
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Or that going there is a “dream” for many? If there’s one thing this company excels at, it’s the attention it pays to ALL the details.

That’s why Bright Side shares with you some impressive characteristics of Disney castles that allow them to continue to be the kings of magic for children and adults.

1. All castles seem taller than they really are

Located in California, Orlando, Tokyo, Paris and Shanghai, the castles —and in general, the buildings of the different Disney parks— are built with a technique called forced perspective. Thanks to it, our eyes perceive objects that are taller, bigger or smaller than they really are, and further away or closer than they actually are.

2. Each one is inspired by royal castles


The medieval era and the Gothic style of the Sainte-Chapelle chapel in Paris were the great inspiration for the imagineers (Disney engineers) to make Cinderella’s Castle in Orlando; This same idea was followed in the Enchanted Storybook Castle, in the park of Shanghai.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle, in California, is designed under the same concept as Neuschwanstein Castle, located in southern Germany; This inspiration was also reflected in the parks of Hong Kong and Paris.

3. The coat of arms on Sleeping Beauty Castle is a mystery

14 Hechos impresionantes de los castillos de Disney en el mundo

It is commonly said that at the entrance of the castle is the coat of arms of the Disney family, whose original version is made up of three lily flowers; However, the shield in this park has three lions, so the origin of this version is unknown. What is known is that it was installed years after the park opened, between June and July 1965.

4. From the castles arose the official logo of the company

14 Hechos impresionantes de los castillos de Disney en el mundo

Both castles, that of Cinderella and that of Sleeping Beauty, laid the foundations for creating the logo that we currently see at the beginning of Disney films.

5. Castles have been “disguised” over the years

14 Hechos impresionantes de los castillos de Disney en el mundo

In certain events, such as anniversaries, the different castles have undergone impressive transformations. For example, on the 25th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort, the imagineers dressed Cinderella’s Castle like a gigantic cake using up to 1,500 liters of pink paint.

At Disneyland California, during the park’s 50th anniversary celebration, called Happiest Celebration on Earth, the castle was adorned with gold accents, and even gold statues of different characters!

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