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Azur Lane Video Game Announces Collaboration With SSSS.GRIDMAN and SSSS.DYNAZENON

As previously announced, during a special broadcast of the video game for smartphones Azur lane Announced a collaboration with the animated franchises of SSSS.GRIDMAN and SSSS.DYNAZENON. The video was produced by the studios Yostar Pictures, while the studies TRIGGER They did the animation, and the press release wrote:

«First of all, as the latest game information, it was announced that the collaboration event with ‘SSSSS.GRIDMAN’ and ‘SSSSS.DYNAZENON’ ‘Arc Light is in the Crossing World’ will be held from November 25th. The story unfolds when a monster attacks the “mirrored waters” created by the mermaids. In the limited-time collaboration, ‘SSR Rikka Takarada‘,’SSR Akane Shinjou‘,’SSR Yume Minami‘,’SSR Chise Asukagawa‘,’SR Hass‘ and ‘SR Namiko‘will appear as collaboration characters as collaboration ships».

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