Barcelona goalkeeper Rustu Recber spoke after recovering from the corona virus

“It was one of the most difficult games of my life”

During the quarantine, the Turk gave an interview to bring peace of mind about his health and warn the population that the Covid-19 is not a joke: “Luckily I had stopped smoking 5 years ago”

The former goalkeeper of the Turkish team and of Barcelona Rustu Recber left the hospital last Monday after having recovered from the contagion for the new coronavirus. It was his wife, Isil Recbec, who reported the news on social media that day, after the former soccer player had been hospitalized the previous week.

Now, it was the former goalkeeper himself who spoke in an interview with TuttomercatoWeb, and recounted his feelings after being discharged: “I am slowly returning to being myself, my health improves every day. My body was a little weakened and I had to face a very intense treatment ”.

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The 46-year-old Turk thanked God for being able to return to his home with his family: “Now I will have to remain in quarantine at home for another 15 days. I had a difficult time, it was one of the most difficult games of my life, but the worst is over and I was finally able to go home. ”

When he was admitted, the first information indicated that his situation was delicate, but Rustu was able to overcome it and acknowledged that the key was that he had quit smoking: ” Luckily, I stopped smoking five years ago. ” This statement is linked to the fact that the Covid -19 attacks the lungs and therefore can be fatal for active smokers who already have damaged organs.

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The former Barcelona took advantage of the dialogue to raise awareness among those who believe that this virus is simply one of many and do not believe in quarantine as a solution: “This virus is something serious, you cannot joke or hide it. Covid-19 is threatening all of humanity, stay home and avoid unnecessary contact with others. Listen to who experienced it first hand. “

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