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Bernie Sanders Supports Joe Biden for President

The former rival of the former vice president for the Democratic nomination ensures that it is time to join forces to beat Trump

Former Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders on Monday gave his support to former Vice President Joe Biden for the race for the United States presidency. “We need you at the White House. I will do everything I can to make that happen, Joe, ”said the Vermont senator during a video conference broadcast during the Biden campaign. “Today, I ask all Americans, all Democrats, all independent voters, I ask many Republicans to join this campaign to support his candidacy, which I support,” said Sanders. Both men agreed that they must stick together to defeat the most dangerous president in modern history.

The Vermont senator, 78, has mentioned that both teams are forming working groups on social, economic and health policies. “Looking forward to working with you and adding great professionals to the team in these matters,” added Sanders. For his part, the former vice president of Barack Obama declared that Sanders’ support means a lot to him . “I think people will be surprised that we differ on some issues but that we agree on many others,” said Biden. “I am going to need you,” he continued, “but not for the campaign, if not to govern.”

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Sanders’ withdrawal last week with a program perceived as socialist and revolutionary left Biden as the candidate to fight against Donald Trump on November 3. This will be his third, last and, perhaps most difficult battle, to achieve the presidency of the United States at the age of 77.

Bernie Sander Tweet against trump

The timing of Sanders’ support for Biden is important. Sanders joins the safest Democratic card to remove Donald Trump from the White House in April, when there is time to mobilize the most reluctant bases against the former vice president. There is no ill will between Biden and Sanders as there was between Sanders and Clinton, whom Sanders supported in July a few days after the Democratic Convention in 2016. Although their proposals on health differ, there is room for rapprochement. In addition, Biden proposes a tax increase to millionaires and in the line of Sanders intends to dedicate billions to education and clean energy. They also support a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour.

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Before the coronavirus pandemic completely paralyzed the election campaign – not for Trump, with daily leadership from the White House to launch his messages taking advantage of the health crisis -, Biden took a considerable advantage of delegates over Sanders. After an erratic campaign in which he came to be in fifth place in the first caucuses and primaries, Biden was reborn in South Carolina and from those primaries everything was victories, including the famous Super Tuesday. Last week, a reality check prompted Sanders to declare that his campaign was not viable and that he would not win the Democratic nomination for the November 2020 presidential election.

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Support for Biden is crucial as his primary mission is to seal the ideological gap to heal the Democratic Party and unify voters against Trump this fall.

Sanders did not make clear in his message whether he intends to continue adding delegates to state conventions and whether he will simply use his new alliance to reinforce the former vice president’s influence and the policies that both may present to voters. In times of virtual campaigns, without contact with the public or mass rallies, both men appeared on a split screen in which at one point Sanders said that, in any case, it was no secret that “you and I have our differences” . That said, Sanders insisted that bridges need to be built. “We have to make Trump a one-term president,” said Sanders. “I will do everything I can to make it so.” concluded.

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