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Bethesda and Wolfenstein studio work on Indiana Jones game

The companies shared the first teaser and some details of the project

Bethesda and MachineGames, studio known for the Wolfenstein series, today revealed their next big project. To the surprise of many, the developers will be stepping away from their popular franchise to work alongside Lucasfilm Games.

The companies confirmed that they are working on a game from Indiana Jones, a popular George Lucas franchise. If you’re a fan of the renowned archaeologist and treasure hunter, you’ll be glad to hear that the first teaser for the project was released.

Bethesda reveals first details of Indiana Jones game

Through a statement, Lucasfilm Games announced its partnership with Bethesda and MachineGames to adapt the adventures of Indiana Jones into a video game. For now there are few details of the project, but we know that Todd Howard will be its producer.

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The studies revealed that the game will not be based on the adventurer’s films, as its goal is to tell an independent and totally original story. The game will introduce us to Indiana Jones at the height of his career.

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