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Bitcoin and Ethereum are presented as the best store of value of the future

SkyBridge Capital's CIO highlighted the potential of both cryptocurrencies.

The potential of the two main cryptocurrencies on the market -bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) – as reserves of value- continue to gain references from market specialists. Troy Gayeski, CIO of SkyBridge Capital (the firm led by Anthony Scaramucci) assured that both assets will be the best financial instruments to protect capital in the future.

Behind his CIO’s statements, it should be remembered that SkyBridge Capital has made significant investments in both cryptocurrencies.
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Likewise, both the financial company and Gayeski himself believe that BTC has great potential as a means of transaction.

The businessman recognized the high volatility that characterizes BTC, although he highlighted its decoupling with traditional markets. Furthermore, he hinted that the current BTC price stagnation is not a problem in general terms. “We believe that the risk-reward is now biased upwards again, ” he said in dialogue with Bloomberg.

“When you look now data network, which basically tells you is that many of the strong holders are reaffirming and accumulate are those that entered the market late last year,” said Gayeski.

Finally, the investor was optimistic and, like Scaramucci, assured that the bull cycle of BTC has not ended. The impulse of this flood, according to his point of view, will be the flow of institutional investments that began at the end of last year.

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