Bitcoin becomes a political tool

More and more politicians promise to collect their salaries in BTC

The trend already seems irreversible. More and more politicians and candidates in the United States decide or promise to collect their salaries in bitcoin. These promises and measures demonstrate that bitcoin is becoming a political instrument for decision makers and officials who challenge the most tech-savvy and crypto-friendly voters.

The election of Eric Adams as the new mayor of New York City added another crypto-enthusiast to the growing club of crypto-friendly American mayors who declared they were willing to accept their next salary in BTC, along with the mayors of Miami, Florida and that of Jackson, in the state of Tennessee.

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Francis Suárez , the notoriously pro-cryptocurrency mayor of Miami, who was re-elected earlier this week as a Republican Party candidate, announced shortly after his victory that he would accept his next pay “100% in bitcoin.” This decision has prompted a response from Adams, the Democratic candidate for mayor of New York, who promised during the campaign to transform the Big Apple into “the center of bitcoins.”

Adams, winner of the election and next mayor of NYC, stated on his Twitter account that “In New York we always go big, so I am going to collect my first THREE salaries in Bitcoin when I am mayor. NYC is going to be the one! center of the cryptocurrency industry and other fast-growing innovative industries! Just wait! ”

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Adams’ statement was welcomed by Suárez, who congratulated the elected mayor of NYC on his election and replied that he was happy with “the friendly competition to make our respective cities a capital of cryptocurrencies.”

As the stakes rose, the competition to be America’s most crypto-friendly mayor was joined by Scott Conger of Jackson, Tennessee, who has ruled the city since 2019. The politician announced that while he could not be legally paid in bitcoin around town under state law, he would make sure to buy some crypto with his next salary “and instantly convert my next paycheck to Bitcoin.”

The most recent entry to the “club” of mayors who will collect their salaries in BTC , is  Jane Castor, Mayor of Tampa Bay , who broke the news during the Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit, held in her city.

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Additionally, Jayson Stewart, the mayor of Cool Valley in Missouri, has gone so far as to promise to give away $ 1,000 worth of bitcoin to every household in his city of about 1,100 residents.

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