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Bitcoin grows as a payment method and reaches music schools

An institute in Scotland announced that it will accept BTC.

The adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method is gaining ground in different regions of the world and in various commercial areas. This time, it is a music school in Scotland, which – due to the demand of its own students – adapted its system to receive payments in crypto currencies.

The Morningside Music School in Edinburgh surprised the Norwegian financial system and the crypto ecosystem by announcing its new BTC payment service. As the institution explained in a statement, a large part of its adult students work in the FinTech sector of the city and they recommended advancing financial modernization mechanisms.

Linda Boyd, director of Morningside, acknowledged that it is not the first time that the institute has an approach to the leading crypto currency. In the past, they have used BTC to make other business purchases.

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” Sometimes we use things like Bitcoin to pay for goods for the school , so we know how fast and easy it is and we want our music students to be able to do the same ,” Boyd explained in dialogue with Daily Business. He also remarked that small businesses seek to follow in the footsteps of large firms that have already adopted BTC in their business structures.

It is simply about providing our customers with another form of payment and making their lives easier.

“Crypto currencies are here to stay and will eventually become a routine way for people to pay for services of all descriptions,” added the director of Morningside, which has about 700 students.

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