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Bitcoin is almost the alternative to gold of a younger generation. Said; Ray Dalio

The world's leading fund manager highlighted the security of blockchain technology.

Ray Dalio, fund manager and founder of Bridgewater Associates, spoke again about bitcoin (BTC) and assured that new generations of investors see it as an alternative to gold. Furthermore, he highlighted some aspects of the leading cryptocurrency that he has followed closely for the past few years.

Dalio is one of the most authoritative voices in the markets when it comes to giving statements about BTC. The entrepreneur is recognized as one of the world’s leading hedge fund managers, and his long-standing skepticism about digital assets makes his word particularly valuable today.

According to the investor, “BTC has gained credibility “over the years. The fact of being an undefeated system of pirates led him to take an interest in the market, and even to invest in it. However, he acknowledges that many colleagues of his generation are not yet fully accepting of cryptocurrency, but he is quite convinced that time will lead him to star in global finance .

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During an interview with MarketWatch, Dalio suggested that more and more young investors see BTC as a basic asset of their strategies. “A portfolio should start, in the worst case, with what assets protect it and make sure it is diversified. It is almost the alternative to gold of a younger generation and it has no intrinsic value, but it has imputed value and, therefore, it has some merit”, he slipped.

The Bridgewater Associates founder again warned about the possibility of the world’s major governments banning cryptocurrencies , suggesting that the ecosystem has no clear way out in that eventual case. In addition, he confessed that he does not believe that central banks have large investments in BTC.

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Some time ago, however, Dalio assured that in a limit situation he would choose gold over BTC, despite the evident better performance that cryptocurrencies have had in the last 10, 5, or a year. As of today, he has not retracted that statement, so it seems that he only considers BTC as one more asset when it comes to diversifying a portfolio.

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