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Bitcoin is the investment option of choice for US mutual funds

Two studies make an important difference between Asia and North America.

In recent weeks, two surveys conducted by the Bank of America and Goldman Sachs , showed that bitcoin (BTC) is the most chosen investment option of US investment funds. The survey, which was made almost simultaneously by the prestigious entities of the United States, also resulted in that BTC still does not manage to be in the preferences of Asian investors.

First, the BofA survey focused on 194 fund managers in the United States, who currently manage nearly $ 600 billion in assets. According to the study, long-term strategies in BTC are its busiest trade , accounting for 45% of the total.
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Surprisingly, investments in the leading cryptocurrency have outperformed stocks in tech companies, which for years have stood out in the top spot.

On the other side of the planet, the scenario is less favorable for digital assets. The Goldman Sach Global Investment Research survey of  25 investment directors of different hedge funds in Asia found that Bitcoin does not outperform technology companies . In fact, it is the least chosen investment option for 35%.

Asian investors, according to the study, mostly prefer growth investments in companies ( 55% ) and searches for undervalued assets ( 30% ). Among the least favorites, new initial public offerings accompany BTC .

As explained by the Goldman Sachs strategist, Timothy Moe , there were two sessions with several local CIOs, where the options most chosen by their clients were shared. ” His favorite is the growth style, but the underdog in Bitcoin ” Moe said in conclusion.

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