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Bitcoin price adds another positive day and seeks to overcome the barrier of USD 40,000 again

In this week's high it touched USD 39,400

Bitcoin (BTC) is on track to recover and records 48 hours of uninterrupted growth. The leading crypto currency broke the $ 38,000 barrier and is again targeting the $ 40K barrier, which has become a difficult target in recent weeks . As of press time , the price of BTC is $ 38,498.

BTC’s jump this morning touched a weekly high above $ 39,400 , though it briefly corrected later. Although some specialists suggest that there could be a new correction of less than 10% before a new rally, the expectations in case of exceeding a new level are encouraging.

The new barriers for BTC in case of exceeding USD 40K are at 47 and 50 thousand dollars, which would reactivate the bullish sentiment that led the crypto currency to hit all-time highs six weeks ago. Support levels, on the other hand, sit at $ 30K, $ 27K, and $ 24K.

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The most important daily factor of the day will be the event that begins today in Miami and will take place until Saturday: the Bitcoin 2021 Conference . Hundreds of world references of the crypto ecosystem will be present in the same place, together with approximately 50 thousand people, to talk about the advantages, benefits and potential of the world’s largest digital asset.


The altcoins market had irregular behaviors during the day today. Ether (ETH) posted 1% growth confirming yesterday’s big rally, and the asset is about to break above $ 2,800 again. Binance coin (BNB), bitcoin cash (BCH), and litecoin (LTC) were up by the same amount, trading at $ 416, $ 711, and $ 187 respectively.

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The most prominent jumps of the day were for cardano (ADA), with 3%, and polkadot (DOT), with 6%, which reached USD 1.82 and USD 27. XRP remained above USD 1.03 during the last 24 hours .

Finally, Dogecoin (DOGE) registers a daily decline of 3%, after having climbed more than 30% during the day yesterday after the Coinbase announcement. The crypto currency meme is trading at $ 0.40 as of press time.

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