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Black Death: What is Known About the Case that Generates Alarm in China

What Happened?

China has raised the alarm, after an alleged case of bubonic plague or black plague was registered in the north of the Asian country. This was an infected pastor, who was hospitalized on Sunday afternoon, and is now stable, according to the city’s health commission.

Following this finding, the city of Bayannur, located in Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of northern China, announced a series of measures ranging from caution and protection to the prohibition of hunting and rodent consumption, which may be infected with this virus.

This is not the only case of black plague diagnosed in Asia, as a little less than a week ago, Mongolia confirmed the death of two 27-year-old young people, infected with black plague after eating infected groundhog meat.

But this is not the only case that has been registered in Mongolia, since this Monday authorities of that country reported a suspicious case in a 15-year-old teenager. This minor presented fever and discomfort after consuming groundhog meat, which had been hunted by a dog.

Measures in Mongolia and China

During the 14th century, the black plague killed 200 million people, becoming the most devastating pandemic of that time. Given this scenario, and taking into account that the world continues to fight to combat Covid-19, both Mongolia and China have decided to implement drastic measures to prevent an outbreak of this deadly disease.

The first to act was Mongolia, after the death of these two young men in the city of Tsetseg, in the west of the country. Among its measures is the isolation of the entire population of the sector and the closure of its border with Russia.

In addition, the health authorities began to test more than 150 people, for having had close contact with the deceased, while they also did it with other 500, for having been “in secondary contact” with the victims.

Regarding China, it has not initiated isolation or border closure measures, but it did activate a level three health alarm and issued a statement reporting the prohibition of hunting and ingestion of animals that can carry the bacteria yersina pestis.

In the document, the municipal government also requested that any suspected black plague be reported, whether they are patients who begin to develop symptoms of the disease, such as those who die suddenly, to investigate whether or not it was caused by it. virus. In addition, he asked to collaborate in reports of dead or sick groundhogs, to be analyzed.

What are the Symptoms?

Once a person is infected with black plague, they begin to experience symptoms such as inflammation of the lymph nodes in the groin, armpits and neck, along with high fever and suppuration. This could represent a serious danger for the human body.

Three Categories of the Black Plague

This lethal disease is divided into three main types: bubonic, septicemic and pulmonary. Everything will depend on what part of the body is involved, according to experts from the CĂ­nica Mayo, from Minnesota, United States.

Bubonic Plague: It is the most frequent form of the disease and it presents symptoms such as inflammation of the nodules of the lymphatic system in the groin, armpits and neck. Sudden fever, headache, and muscle aches also appear.
Septicemic plague: Occurs when the plague bacteria multiply in the bloodstream. There are symptoms such as fever, body weakness, abdominal pain, vomiting, nosebleeds and darkening in some areas of the body.

Pulmonary Plague: It directly affects the lungs and is the least common. Here are symptoms such as coughing up bleeding, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, high fever, weakness, and chest pain.

All these black plague infections must be treated emergency by medical experts, remember that it is an infection that could be fatal.


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