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Brace yourself: several games for 2021 will be delayed

A few moments ago the delay of Hogwarts Legacy was confirmed

2020 was a very complicated year due to the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. One that is not very relevant on a large scale, but that makes it clear how far its impact has reached is the video game delays. In fact, you should expect several games confirmed for 2021 to be delayed.

What happens is that Jason Schreier, a journalist who writes for Bloomberg and who has several sources within the industry, expects that to happen. Or at least that’s what he made sure of when it was confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy, the game based on the world of Harry Potter, was delayed to 2022.
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“The first of many, many 2021 game delays to come,” were the words Schreier said.

Is it something we should expect to happen?

Now, it’s important to note that Hogwarts Legacy is just the first high-profile game announced for 2021 to be delayed, is there really reason to think that many other games will follow suit? The answer is yes.

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