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Bridge Studios Announces Original Pont Qiao Booth Anime

On the official Twitter account of Bridge Studios’ original multimedia project, Pont Qiao Booth, the production of an animated adaptation was announced. The statement did not reveal production details or a release date.

Pont Qiao Booth is an original multimedia project that was released by Bridge Studios in October 2019 as a duo of Virtual YouTubers called “Pont Mirage” and “Qiao”. His channel has so far accumulated more than 1,300 subscribers and more than 27,000 views. The character designs were done by artist Mossan and the composition of its soundtrack was done by Yuu Mochizuki.

Regarding their videos, the editing has been done by Mariko Kudou and Akira Tsunoda, both from Bridge studios, while the photography direction is provided by OS HIRO. All of these members are expected to reprise these roles in the animated production.

Cast of voices

Asuka Itou as Pont Mirage.
Saya Horigome as Qiao.

Description of Pont Qiao Booth

The combination of Pont and Qiao as Virtual YouTubers. Follow the daily lives of these two completely crazy girls in their rebellious teenage phase!


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