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British employee dies of corona virus after infected person spits in her face

An employee of a railway station in the United Kingdom, died by Covid-19, after a person who claimed to have the disease assaulted her and spat on her face.

Belly Mujinga, 47, and a colleague contracted the virus “within a few days” of being attacked on March 22 at London’s Victoria station, according to a statement sent by the company’s union group: ” They were in the lobby near the ticket office when they were attacked by a person who spat on them … The man coughed on them and told them he had the virus. ”

Several days later, Mujinga’s doctor reported that the patient was suffering from respiratory problems, so she stopped working. However, her health condition continued to deteriorate and on April 2 she had to be admitted to a clinic.

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Mujinga, married with an 11-year-old daughter, died three days later.

According to the statement sent by the union, the British Transport Police (BTP) is investigating the case.

Mujinga is “one of many front-line workers who have lost their lives to the coronavirus, ” said TSSA secretary-general, from Gibraltar, Manuel Cortés.

As for the labor protection of employees, Cortés questioned whether the railway company Southern Railway did enough to protect its workers from the virus. “We take any allegation very seriously and are investigating these claims,” said Angie Doll, CEO of Southern Railway.

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