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Bucs manager responds to designer Vince Lombardi’s daughter

Lorraine Grohs demands an apology from Tom Brady for mistreating the NFL champion trophy, although Jason Licht did not give it a greater relevance.

Lorraine Grohs, daughter of trophy designer Vince Lombardi, insists that Tom Brady must offer a public apology for launching the coveted accolade from yacht to yacht while celebrating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers triumph in Super Bowl LV, prompting an epic reaction by Jason Licht, general manager of the NFL champion team.

In a video on ABC, Grohs reiterated that “it really bothered her that that trophy was disgraced and disrespected by being thrown as if it were a real ball” And that she has not slept a few nights, so remembering the care that her father put into its preparation.

Licht tweeted a GIF with a fragment of the movie ‘Stripes’ (‘The Nutty Squad’), which starred Bill Murray and released in 1981, in which you can read “Lighten Up Francis”, something Which shows that at least there won’t be an apology. Brady still does not express himself about the petition, which has caused a great stir in the United States, where Grohs has been interviewed by various networks.

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