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Cardano Founder Pressures Elon Musk to Incorporate ADA Payments to Tesla

Charles Hoskinson assured that his token is one of the greenest cryptocurrencies on the market.

The relationship between Elon Musk and the crypto ecosystem has sparked several controversies in recent months, and now they exceed bitcoin (BTC). After the mogul announced that Tesla could accept BTC again after suspending payments due to the alleged environmental impact of crypto mining, the Cardano founder tries to pressure him to opt for his token and dismiss the leading cryptocurrency.

Charles Hoskinson has once again testified against BTC, and his role within the ecosystem is increasingly dwarfed by his own project. The businessman tries to convince Musk to adopt ADA for payments in Tesla, since it would have a lower environmental impact than bitcoin.

According to Hoskinson, ADA stands out as one of the greenest digital assets on the market, so its adoption by Tesla would be in line with the company’s sustainable philosophy.
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In particular, the founder of Cardano explained that the PoS system of his project is much better in terms of energy consumption than that of other cryptocurrencies.

“If you really care about alternative energy, sustainability, carbon reduction and carbon neutrality, you cannot be in a system where there is no integrated mechanism to limit energy consumption, ” Hoskinson said in an interview with Lex Fridman.

Likewise, ADA’s father questioned BTC and claimed that it is “the least programmable” of all cryptocurrencies.
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“If you want to do interesting, attractive and unique things, there is simply no real way to do it,” added Hoskinson , who is beginning to be seen as a reference little committed to the ecosystem and more interested in the benefits of his own project.

The Cardano founder had already testified against other major assets in the past; He called Ethereum an “overrated” network and boasted of the cooperation his blockchain project has had with national governments for social projects.

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