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China is in favor of an investigation into corona virus

China is in favor of a “comprehensive investigation” of the global response to the coronavirus once the epidemic has been brought under control, President Xi Jinping said Monday at the WHO annual meeting.

The Chinese president also said that if his country discovers a Covid-19 vaccine, they will make it “global” and he promised $ 2 billion over two years for the global fight against the pandemic.

The meeting of the World Health Assembly (WHA), the WHO’s decision-making body, seeks to coordinate the response to the coronavirus pandemic, a meeting under threat of direct confrontation between the United States and China.

Many heads of state, government and ministers are scheduled to speak at the meeting, which is scheduled today.

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At the opening, the UN secretary-general criticized countries that “ignored the recommendations” of the World Health Organization to respond to the pandemic, and estimated that the world will pay a “high price” for these divergent strategies.

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