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China responds to “24 lies” that Americans invented

Chinese resorts to Abraham Lincoln’s phrase to say that American politicians will not be able to deceive people.

China responded to what they call the “24 lies” invented by American politicians, who accuse the country of having manipulated in the laboratory the new coronavirus.

The answer comes in a text of eleven thousand words shared on the page of the Chinese foreign minister on Saturday, CNN reported. The document assumes itself as a response to the “absurd allegations and lies” invented by American politicians and media who try to “blame China for not having an effective response” against Covid -19.

“However, as Abraham Lincoln said, ‘it is possible to deceive some people all the time; it is also possible to deceive all people for some time; what is not possible is to deceive all people all the time’,” begins the text.

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Among the various lies it tries to clarify, it can be read in the document that the fact that the first case was detected in Wuhan does not mean that this virus originated there, China has taken all measures not to spread the virus, so it is wrong to accuse the country of having spread the disease worldwide, or even that bats are not part of the Chinese diet, so it cannot be said that the Chinese contracted the disease by eating this animal.

The Chinese government again refutes the theory that China created the virus in the laboratory, stating that “all available evidence shows that SARS – CoV -2 is of natural and non-human origin”.

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The article is an attempt to refute the initial cover-up accusations of China and the late disclosure of information about the virus, offering a calendar to show the measures adopted by the Chinese government in providing “timely information” to the world.

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