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China Says: “If Trump has proof, present it to the entire world”

China refused to initiate an international investigation into the source of the coronavirus while the pandemic has not expired, said Wednesday the Chinese ambassador to the United Nations, where he also referred to the words of the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

At a press conference by videoconference, Chen Xu accused Trump and his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo of making the fight against the pandemic difficult by trying to divert attention.

Donald Trump claimed some time ago that he had evidence that the new coronavirus came from a virological laboratory in Wuhan, words that Mike Pompeo later reaffirmed.

” If President Trump or Mr. Pompeo have evidence, present it to the entire world instead of pointing the finger … It is scientists who can answer these questions,” said Chen Hu.

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The Chinese ambassador also denounced statements by US leaders that the virus was spread from a virology laboratory in Wuhan.

” We cannot tolerate this type of political virus spreading freely … when all efforts must be concentrated on fighting the real virus,” he said.

“We do not oppose in principle any form of investigation or evaluation because it allows preparing for the next health crisis,” said the diplomat.

Priority is to fight the pandemic
On the other hand, Chen Xu argued that “now the main priority is to focus on fighting the pandemic until the final victory.”

He also assured that the current diplomatic context does not allow for the invitation that the World Health Organization (WHO) sent to China to send its experts to Wuhan, where the pandemic appeared and investigate its origin.

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According to Chen Xu, before inviting the WHO to visit China, it is necessary on the one hand to define the correct priorities and on the other, we need a good atmosphere.

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