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China tried to patent cures for Covid days after first case

Remdesivir is a medication developed by an American pharmaceutical company to help fight Ebola.

According to what is being reported by the international press, the Chinese authorities have tried to patent a drug, Remdesivir to be used against COVID -19 days after the first case of the virus.

According to the Daily Mail forward, this patent application was filed by a laboratory in Wuhan, a place that at one point was considered the epicenter of the pandemic that today affects the world.

After suspicions that the Chinese authorities may have ‘hidden’ knowledge of the disease and its high degree of transmissibility for days, this new information suggests that the truth may not have been made public immediately.

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Gilead, the laboratory responsible for the development of this drug, said that it was aware of the Chinese decision, but had no influence on the decision of the patent office and cannot, therefore, comment on the situation as the precise details of the application will not be published. until the next year.

“Our focus at this point is to quickly determine the potential of Remdesivir as a treatment for COVID -19 and to accelerate the production of this drug, anticipating possible future market needs,” added a company spokesman.

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