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Cloud9 CEO responds to Bjergsen & Hans Sama rumors as 2022 offseason heats up

Cloud9 founder and CEO, Jack Etienne, has shut down rumors that Bjergsen, Mikyx and Hans sama will join their 2022 League of Legends roster.

Following a rocky performance at the League of Legends World Championship, North American icons Cloud9 are set to give their roster a revamp coming into the 2022 season.

With star midlaner Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković set to return to the LEC under the Vitality banner, rumors have engulfed the NA titans.

As Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg returns to the fray after a year of coaching, fans have been wondering whether he, alongside Rogue’s Steven ‘Hans sama’ Liv and former G2 support Mihael ‘Mikyx’ Mehle, will wind up on the org’s new squad. Turns out, the answer is a solid no.

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Could9’s roster is set to get quite the overhaul in 2022.

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Cloud9 CEO shuts down Bjergsen & Hans sama rumors

Could9 founder and CEO, Jack Etienne, has revealed on Twitter that Cloud9’s new starting roster will not include the three players fans were hoping for.

“After last year I’ve learned to be careful about sharing roster information early but I’d like to clarify one false rumor,” he writes, stating “I’m certain the roster will not include any of the following people: @Bjergsen, @G2Mikyx, @Hanssama.”

Noting that “they are all incredible players,” he concludes that they “won’t be joining C9.”

A series of responses poking fun at the rumors dominate the comments. Cloud9’s official Twitter account asks “so you’re saying we lost the off-season once again?”

Even Perkz himself decided to join in the fun, writing “I sure hope ure [sic] not getting Bjergsen while I’m on the roster Jack. That’d be GIIIIIGA SUS.”

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As most LoL fans know, Perkz is no stranger to role swapping from mid to ADC, so if C9 had managed to pick up the Danish superstar you never know, maybe we’d have seen Perkz switching roles once again.

As Cloud9 continue their hunt for 2022’s newest additions, be sure to keep an eye on our LoL esports coverage for all the latest news.

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