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Colin Firth will fight the zombies in ‘New York Will Eat You Alive’

It is the adaptation of 'Zombie Brother', which has had both a webcomic and anime version being developed by Jia Haibo.

Colin Firth is someone who is used to taking it easy, and doing it while maintaining an innate, pure British elegance. It is something that explains that, although in the two Kingsman installments he showed a great talent for pyrotechnic action like Harry Hart, his career has traveled quite far from the genre beyond the Matthew Vaughn films. But this is about to change.

Media such as Collider report that Firth has been hired to star in New York Will Eat You Alive. Unfortunately, the magnificent title of this project is provisional (we hope that those in charge will continue with it), but beyond that everything that surrounds the film is most stimulating. Above all, because the linked director (Todd Strauss-Schulson) stands out for his fondness for meta comments, as he already demonstrated with the slasher in The Last Survivors and with the romantic comedy in Isn’t it romantic ?.

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The script for New York Will Eat You Alive is signed by Alex Rubens, Dan Gregor and Doug Mand, and is based on Zombie Brothers: a popular franchise created by Jia Haibo that began as a webcomic and later gave rise to an anime, a game from mobile and even to a play. The story centers on a young man who lives in H City, a metropolis whose population begins to “zombify” overnight due to water pollution.

It is unknown which character Firth will play, while the film’s producers include the STX studio (responsible for Scammers of Wall Street or The Gentlemen) and Channing Tatum, who at the moment would not be interested in reserving a role within the cast.

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