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Complexity Stars division launched for athletes and celebrities

Texas-based esports organisation Complexity Gaming have started a new division to bring together “esports, professional athletes, and celebrities” under the Complexity Stars banner.

While the trend of athletes and celebrities investing and integrating into competitive gaming isn’t new at all, Complexity are doubling down on their efforts in hopes to bring more mainstream attention and support their way.

Complexity Stars is described as a “home of elite athletes and celebrities to elevate their profiles within esports and gaming”. They plan to achieve this through organizing crossover tournaments, facilitating content creation dn streaming, and brand sponsorships.

The division’s roster will initially include UFC fighters Sean O’Malley, Max Holloway, and Megan Anderson, NFL pros Leonard Fournette and Ronnie Stanley, MLB player Edwin Rios, women’s basketball athlete Allisha Gray, and retired basketball star J.R. Smith.

Complexity have ties to Dallas Cowboys, an NFL team that’s said to be the most valuable sports team in the world. The esports org joined the GameSquare Esports umbrella in June 2021 with its former shareholders now owning approximately 46% of the parent entity.

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They’ve since made some strong moves, acquiring gaming and marketing agencies Cut+Sew and Zoned for $7.85m in July and signing popular content creator TimTheTatman in September.

“We are launching Complexity Stars with huge names in sports and entertainment,” said Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare Esports. “Complexity Stars provides a platform for professional athletes and celebrities to connect with gamers in an authentic way.

“We are excited to launch Complexity Stars with its founding members and we look forward to adding more athlete and celebrity gamers to build the platform. Gaming is the core of Complexity Stars and an incredibly engaging way to connect gamers, athletes, and celebrities, authentically.”

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